Margie’s Hope is the manifestation of Jacob Nash’s dream to help transgender people who are in need of assistance. Named after his mother Margie Nash, in September of 2011, Jacob took steps to make his dream a reality by hand-picking the founding Board of Directors for Margie’s Hope. Since then, Jacob and the board members have devoted their time and energy to creating the framework that will enable Margie’s Hope to open its doors to transgender people throughout Ohio and neighboring states.

Margie’s Hope offers resources and support to anyone in need.


Transalive is one of the programs under Margie’s Hope and it is a support group for transgender, non conforming, and non-binary individuals, their loved ones, and friends. TransAlive is held on the 4th Tuesday of every month from 6-8pm.

Margie’s Kids

Margie’s Kids is one of the newest programs offered! We are excited to offer a peer social youth program for kids ages 6-13 yrs as well as for youth ages 14-17 yrs old. The youth program is held on the 1st Friday of every month from 6-8pm. Check out our Margie’s Kids tab to learn more!

Margie’s Pride- Parent Support

Last, Margie’s Hope offers a parent support group. The parent’s group is for any parent of a transgender, non conforming or non-binary individual, regardless of the age! Parents need the opportunity to come together and share and talk about their child in a safe, judgment-free zone and that’s what this group offers. The parent’s group is held on the 1st Friday of every month from 6-8pm.

Reach Out Today!

If you are interested in any of our programs, please call 330-240-1600 or email

Help Margie’s Hope raise the funds it needs to sustain the programming it is doing, especially for our trans youth program, Margie’s Kids!  We are extremely thankful for anything you can provide to the community.