On behalf of community safety, all programs under Margie’s Hope will be having virtual meetings until further notice. If you have questions about attending, please contact margies-hope@sbcglobal.net or message us on our social media.

We are following the guidelines from the CDC and local school districts. This is including TransAlive, Together We Can, Margie’s Kids and Margie’s Parents.

We are committed to the safety of everyone within the Transgender, Non-binary and gender-nonconforming community and the allies that attend our groups. Our board members are working diligently to stay in contact and up to date on any news related to COVID-19 that the CDC and our local government is sharing throughout the next few weeks.

If you need help please contact us at margies-hope@sbcglobal.net or reach out on our Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Apologies for the inconvenience, stay safe out there!

Margie’s Hope is an organization dedicated to assisting transgender and nonbinary people in need. We have a number of groups for those who need help, as well as for their families and friends, as well as a group for trans youth.

A support group for transgender, non-conforming, and non-binary individuals and their loved ones and friends. Facilitated by transgender individuals themselves, it offers support, guidance, and resources to all those who come.

A group to give transgender, non-conforming, and non-binary children and teens a safe space to hang out and support each other.

A support group for any parent or guardian of a trans child to share and talk about their child in a safe, judgement-free environment. Meets at the same time and place as Margie’s Kids, so there is no need to find a baby sitter!

A space for the spouses of trans individuals to meet and discuss their relationships together in a space environment.

Come meet us at the Fairlawn-West Untied Church of Christ!

Join us at any of our meetings and visit our social media. Feel free to contact us at margies-hope@sbcglobal.net or call us at (330) 240-1600


Help Margie’s Hope raise the funds it needs to sustain the programming it is doing, especially for our trans youth program, Margie’s Kids!  We are extremely thankful for anything you can provide to the community.

If you wish to make a physical donation, please mail checks to the following:
Margie’s Hope
PO Box 3967
Akron, OH 44314